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    Server rules

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    Server rules

    Message par kamkill le Dim 23 Mar 2014 - 20:32

    Sometimes SFPD-Fio' records what we are doing and post the video of the mission on YouTube, but there are some rules to respect. Those rules only apply when SFPD-Fio' is recording: 
    -Use the SFPD tag (kamkill => SFPD-kamkill) and your SFPD armpatch (if you don’t have it ask kamkill)
    -When you are dead DON'T speak, it is not realistic
    -If the half of the team is dead, Fio' stop recording. So you can speak again if you are dead
    There is a mission leader and most of the time there are two teams, so two team leaders. Anyone can be a mission leader or team leader. Those rules ONLY apply when Fio' is recording and remember that the goal is always to have fun.

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